Work Station Lifting Products

Workstation lifting equipment needs to adapt easily to changing processes, and also to unique production requirements and operating environments. From our range of light lifting products you will find reliable and safer equipment suitable for various workstations.

Jib Cranes

Our jib cranes are very easy to install, use, and even relocate in your work environment. Their application can adapt with your changing needs.

Jib cranes are used everywhere, from small workshops to big factory assembly lines, from manufacturing to harbors, and even in nuclear facilities. Their standard capacity is up to 2 metric tons.

Our jib cranes offer also several options for improved safety and usability, such as the adjustable rotation stop with 10-degree increments and the 3-position lock from -90 to 90 degrees.

A Konecranes wall console crane is the ideal solution when you don’t have the room for a gantry or an overhead crane. It can be used individually or as an auxiliary for larger overhead and gantry cranes. The wall console crane usually takes a load of up to 5 tons.

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Work Station Cranes

The Konecranes XA and XM workstation crane systems are designed to meet the varied and demanding requirements of workstations and production lines that need up to 2,000 kg of lifting capacity. They can be ceiling-mounted or freestanding, single or double girder bridges, or even monorails. The XA comes with a light, durable enclosed aluminium profile. The XM, with its enclosed steel profile, is robust and strong.

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