Overhead Cranes

We provide an extensive range of cranes, for light duty applications and demanding processes. Our standard offering with high quality basic equipment or advanced offering with high-tech features is usually enough; but if it isn’t, we can also provide a tailor-made solution for your processes.

Wire Rope Hoist Cranes

Wire rope hoist cranes for every lifting need
CXT® wire rope hoist cranes are medium-heavy indoor cranes with lifting capacity up to 80 tons. KonecranesCXT wire rope hoist cranes represent proven technology, and the reliability of the CXT hoist is a result of long experience and know-how. A strict control is kept over all materials and components, which are supported by global certificates and standards to ensure high-quality products. The CXT crane is the industry-leader in medium-heavy indoor cranes.

Efficiency and intelligence at work
The CXT is known for its efficient use of space under the crane and its excellent hook approaches. In addition, our Smart Features such as Sway Control and Target Positioning make operating the crane easy. Because all the key mechanical components are designed especially for crane usage, manufactured and assembled in-house by crane experts, the CXT is a top performer.

Safety is improved through high-performance brakes, durable wire ropes and remote operation. Adaptive speed range means that loads move at an optimal rate, enhancing control over your load and improving productivity, yet still saving energy.

Smart Features for Overhead Cranes

Intelligent lifting with Smart Features
Most Konecranes overhead travelling cranes can be loaded with Smart Features, software that gives you control of the material handling in your production processes. From the moment your operators take charge of the crane, their work immediately becomes easier.

A more efficient operator increases productivity by saving time and money as load cycle times go down. Because the control system optimizes your crane movement, the crane and its components are subject to less wear and therefore could last longer. Most importantly, the chance of human error is reduced, so safety improves.

Chain Hoist Cranes

Our new CLX chain hoist crane offers our customers reliability, ergonomics and high value of ownership. The CLX chain hoist crane has the flexibility to be configured into a diverse range of industrial environments. It can fulfill customer lifting needs – from the most basic to the most demanding.

Durable construction, versatility, and easy maintenance – the CLX chain hoist crane is a tool made to last. It represents the proven track record of Konecranes quality.

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Open Winch Cranes

High-performance cranes for demanding lifting needs
Our open winch cranes are designed for demanding process use as well as for assembly and maintenance use in various industries. Product range consists of SMARTON which offer the right mix of mechanical and electrical excellence, software-based intelligence and service support.

SMARTON is an open-winch heavy duty crane with lifting capacity from 6.3 tons up to 250 tons with one trolley and up to 500 tons with two trolleys. Duty classes range from M3 to M8. SMARTON cranes increase safety and productivity of your lifting process by utilizing possibilities of today´s technology and they are widely used in general manufacturing, power, automotive, and pulp and paper industries worldwide.

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Hazardous Environment Hoists

We offer a wide range of hazardous area equipment such as cranes, hoists and components. All strategic components, such as wire rope hoists, chain hoists, traveling machineries, end carriages and crane controls, are designed and manufactured by Konecranes to ensure the highest safety level required in hazardous environments such as found in chemical and petrochemical plants, oil refineries, gas power plants, waste water treatment plants and paint shops.

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Process, Automated, Gantry & Custom Cranes

Process cranes engineered for severe-duty by Konecranes answer your most stringent performance requirements: automation, highly demanding duty cycles, difficult operating environments, high operating speeds, and special control systems. Hot metal ladle cranes, scrap-handling cranes, coker cranes, automated paper rolls, and steel coil handling cranes are a few of the special cranes engineered and built by Konecranes to improve productivity and process efficiency.

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